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BBH Legal Services


0800 051 4218

Eastham Hall, Eastham Village, Wirral CH62 0AF

About us
BBH Legal Services is an established legal services supplier. Our aim has always been to provide quality legal services to clients throughout the UK. Within BBHLSL we have had a constant drive to provide outstanding service to our clients whilst maintaining excellent value for money. BBHLSL has always sought to provide legal support to those who for one reason or another are more vulnerable and less able to fend for themselves. This is reflected in the strong links we have developed with trade unions over the years.

BHLS was created in 2001 and is wholly owned by Thompsons LLP. Together BBH Legal Services Ltd and Thompsons Solicitors LLP share a similar worldview and common values, which creates synergy between the two organisations, building on each other's strengths and ensuring continued dedication of providing excellent legal services.
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